Why Socialism?

Socialism has many negative connotations associated with it. Most people associate communism with socialism, whereas in reality, the two are completely different. Communism refers to a kind of society in which all citizens are treated in an equal fashion, regardless of occupation. Everyone receives the same salary. This kind of society promotes laziness, because a janitor will receive the same earnings as a high-class doctor, so most people won't aim for a career as a doctor because it requires more effort just to receive the same pay as a janitor. Socialism, on the other hand, gives everyone a chance at life. Everyone receives complimentary education and healthcare, but people are still given the opportunity to start up a business, become an engineer, or become a janitor. In a socialist society, people are given incentive to take up higher class occupations via higher wages and through other social policies. In a socialist society, people are given equal opportunities to reach their full potential, whereas in a communist society, people are given equal opportunities to be unproductive to society.

If you want to learn more about socialism, check out this article written by Albert Einstein.

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Mission Statement

Our mission as the Progressive Socialist party is to reduce class barriers to create a society in which we can all live equally. Our goal is to provide citizens with the tools to excel and succeed, including education, income assistance, and healthcare. We strongly support the use of renewable energy, and we discourage the use of fossil fuels because of the pollution. The goal we will always look towards is a country with equality; where everyone has choices and equal opportunities to make a living. We are a people united.

Do you prefer an equal society or an individualized society?