Our Platform

We are committed to our constituents and addressing the issues that you care about. 

Our party recognizes the economic inequality and plans to change this with meaningful policies and laws. Economic inequality in our society will be solved through subsidies (provided by taxes) where 18-25: $18,000-120,000 cap (after cap, taxation is 50%), 26-40: $26,000-150,000 cap (after cap, taxation is 40%), 40-65: $32,000-2010,000 cap (after cap, taxation is 30%) and 65+ receive pensions. However, none of these subsidies will be provided if one uses an excessive amount of alcohol, tobacco, or spends their money on gambling. Furthermore, this party plans to implement a gas tax that would increase over the years, promoting renewable alternatives (see environment section) and alternative transport. Adding onto that, gas corporations would become crown corporations, allowing more control over gas prices. Lastly, the GST would be increased to 10% to accommodate for the many services we will provide. Below are graphs how the money will be spent. You may click on the images to enlarge them.

Education Systems
The Progressive Socialist Party has ambitious goals towards the development of education systems in Canada. Currently, many students are struggling to save up and pay off outrageous post-secondary education fees. We believe in equalizing the playing field for every student and significantly lowering tuition fees for university, college, and trade programs. We will revise the taxation model so that we can redirect more money towards equalizing the opportunity for students to enroll in post-secondary education. We also will take a critical look at the curriculums for all students and ensure they are useful and appropriate.

Environmental Issues & Renewable Energies
We recognize that our earth does not have an unlimited supply of resources, and we have a plan to ensure that within thirty years Canadians will be using only renewable energy in our country. Our government will subsidize 90% for solar panels and 75% for government-subsidized electric cars. Whilst we realize that it will be a long and difficult process, we believe it is necessary to save our earth and protect our resources for future generations to come. All energy production companies will be bought out by the government to become crown corporations. This enables workers to receive fair compensation and also enables us to make the switch to renewable energy a lot easier. Our party will also take steps to protect endangered species in Canada and ensure our wildlife has a safe and pristine habitat. A percentage of our environmental money will be used to create national and provincial parks and new hiking trails. The Progressive Socialist Party believes in allowing every citizen in our society to appreciate the spectacular wildlife our country has to offer.

We will be creating many of changes to Canada’s social system, such as having the federal government administer the health care system. Establishment of governmentally-run, national healthcare centers to give all the Canadians more of the benefit that makes our country great is a top priority for us. These centres will include clinics, urgent care clinics, immunization clinics, and a hospital, and 4 of these centres will be located in each major city, with smaller privately-owned clinics throughout. We will be giving the people a more consistent and better experience for all, and vaccinations will remain free for everyone. Health and life insurance will be provided by the government to all citizens. There will be different levels of these insurances, but it will be more convenient for all citizens, which will also prevent unfair insurance treatment. The government is out for the wellness of the people, not the greed of money.

Justice Systems
We believe that finding the root cause or motive of the crime is the key to decreasing the crime rate in our society. We want to rehabilitate and reintegrate offenders so that they do not commit crime again. Our plan for doing this is to suggest programs and different types of justice, such as circle justice, in addition to jail time for serious offences. We will continue with the current court system and serious offenders will suffer jail time to protect them from the public.

The Progressive Socialist Party believes that immigration is an important issue that must be assessed. Immigration is what makes Canada such a diverse country. As we continue to grow, so does our identity as a multicultural nation. However, in order to maintain the peace within Canada some guidelines must be met. In Canada we respect new immigrants that come into Canada, however we will now ban Dual citizenship because many cases reported of this issue end up in tax evasion. Unfortunately, we cannot accept every immigrant that applies to come to Canada, and the point system must be applied to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of being chosen. Although economic immigrants have to apply through the point system, family class immigrants do not have to apply through the point system because we support the idea that families deserve to be able to settle and live in a more successful environment. Refugees also do not have to apply through the point system. We want refugees to come to a free country without having the trouble of waiting to come to the country. However before immigrants come to Canada they must pass a mental and psychological test to restrain from putting more pressure on Canada’s health care system, and this only applies to economic immigrants.  

Family Support
The Progressive Socialist Party is committed to Canada’s people. We recognize the challenges of growing a family in a modern society and we believe in doing everything within our power to improve their quality of life. We will allow families to apply for financial aid when it is needed, and from the applications we will determine who is eligible. Another issue modern families face in our society is finding appropriate child care. Most parents must work full-time in order to provide for their families, and daycare or childcare is their only option. We will provide enough childcare services and ensure they are appropriately priced.

Foreign Affairs
The Progressive Socialist Party recognizes the importance of foreign affairs. We believe that trade is important to boost the economy and create more jobs. Because we are a nation among many others, it is important that we create a strong relationship with other countries, to give us new informed view on important topics that could greatly affect our quality of life. We will provide military assistance to other nations in need, but it is important to know that we do not look for confrontations.

Military Forces
The aim of our military is to defend and protect the citizens of Canada and their interests. Our goal is to increase the armed forces of Canada to ensure we are well-prepared against possible threats. When the safety of the nation is critically at risk, we will make drafting mandatory. This choice is a sacrifice we have to make for the good of our nation and its people.

Equality of Wealth
The Progressive Socialist Party strongly believes in equality of wealth. In our society, the rich continue to become richer as the poor continue to become poorer. This cannot go on any further. Each citizen of Canada should have an equal and fair chance to succeed. By setting a minimum yearly wage, we will ensure that each citizen has enough money to provide for themselves and their family. We will offer many types of government support, such as financial aid, child care services, pension plans, free healthcare, cheaper post-secondary education, and much more. Furthermore, we will continue to use the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to establish equality for all. Little by little, we will break down the class barriers and improve the quality of life of all Canadians.


Mission Statement

Our mission as the Progressive Socialist party is to reduce class barriers to create a society in which we can all live equally. Our goal is to provide citizens with the tools to excel and succeed, including education, income assistance, and healthcare. We strongly support the use of renewable energy, and we discourage the use of fossil fuels because of the pollution. The goal we will always look towards is a country with equality; where everyone has choices and equal opportunities to make a living. We are a people united.

Do you prefer an equal society or an individualized society?