New Release: Lobbyist Transcription with Representative Sean Wilson

Monday, June 9, 2014

It has come to the attention of the Progressive Socialist Party that there has been an issue regarding foreign workers. The Temporary Foreign Workers Program allows people from around the world to find work in Canada without becoming citizens, and therefore not paying taxes. Two lobbyists, Timothy Powers and Robin Speer, visited us earlier this morning to negotiate this issue with the Progressive Socialist Party.

Timothy: Good morning Mr. Wilson, I’m Timothy Powers. I am here today representing McDonalds to support the Temporary Foreign Workers Program.

Robin: My name is Robin Speer and I’m lobbying on behalf of Tim Hortons in support of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program.

Sean Wilson: It’s a pleasure to meet you both. What has brought this issue to the attention of McDonalds and Tim Hortons?

Timothy: It’s come to these companies attention that the Temporary Foreign Workers Program has been suspended. We rely on this program to employ a large percentage of our staff, and therefore it’s suspension has been detrimental to our businesses.

Robin: We have the best interests of our employees at heart, and without the opportunity to work at our respective companies, these workers aren’t able to provide for their families in developing countries around the world.

Sean Wilson: We agree with your representative companies. The Progressive Socialist Party believes in economic equality, and we will try our best to make amendments to this program to allow foreign workers to immigrate to Canada, and later become Canadian citizens. However, we also need to ensure that these workers eventually become Canadian citizens to allow us to promote Canadian communities and economy. Our proposal to ensure all needs of all respective parties are met is to allow Temporary Foreign Workers to work in Canada for a maximum of 3 years before either leaving to reside in their home country again, or becoming a Canadian citizen. Furthermore, they may apply again if their 3-year period expires.

Timothy: That sounds wonderful! This will greatly benefit our company as well as the country. We are honoured that you have made this decision!

Robin: Yes, indeed this is a wonderful decision. I’m glad you are taking interests of the foreign worker’s families

Sean Wilson: I appreciate your input! However, it has come to our attention that some companies have been exploiting these temporary workers, who have less rights than Canadian citizens. I’m not saying that either of your respective companies do this, but we have also considered this and we believe that laws must be applied to ensure this act does not happen. Do you guys have any input on this?

Robin: First off, my company does not do this absurd act and I am sure that Timothy does not do this either. I do agree that there maybe some issues with this. Perhaps equal rights should be given to foreign workers as to normal workers to accommodate this pressing issue.

Sean Wilson: I would agree that is a good idea. However, these foreign workers do not pay taxes meaning they should not receive social programs either. Furthermore, some Canadian workers are also saying that these foreign workers are displacing possible jobs for them and to resolve this issue we believe that the government should do careful inspection to ensure that Canadian citizens are given priority over foreign workers. The inspection would be to see if the company has taken into consideration hiring Canadian citizens before looking to foreign workers. As always, this is open for discussion.

Timothy: I think that this idea would be fine. How long would the inspection take?

Sean Wilson: Depending on the size of the company, the inspection time will vary.

Robin:  I think these ideas are excellent! I would love to see them be put into action.

Timothy: I would agree that these ideas are fair. It was an honour having our ideas considered.

Sean Wilson: The honour is mine. I appreciate the input you have given us.

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