First Connect Summit on Food Sustainability

Monday, June 9, 2014

Today, three parties including the Progressive Socialist Party, The Unity Party, and The Reformist Party convened in the Food Sustainability summit to discuss agricultural sustainability, and all the implications related to it. 

The first item we discussed was renewable food transportation and distribution methods. The Reformist Party encouraged the use of biofuels, but we are against this idea because, although biofuels are renewable, the emissions from them are not. It is very difficult to remove air pollution from the atmosphere and doesn't contribute to environmental cleanliness. As a party, we believe that renewable energy and electricity, and fuel cell vehicles, are the best solution to create renewable distribution and transportation of food and products. Overall, the other two parties agreed with the idea of renewable energy methods of transportation of foods and goods. 

Another idea to solve the issue of food sustainability is locally grown foods. Originally, our party disagreed with the others on the topic of locally-grown food, but after careful consideration, we have agreed to promote locally-grown food. Locally-grown foods would be beneficial because they would promote local economies as opposed to foreign economies. To promote locally-grown foods, we would consider inducting a Food Kilometer Tax, as suggested by the other parties, where goods that have traveled many kilometers to reach the consumer would have a tax that would be paid by the distributor.

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