Our Response to Amendments for the Senate

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Canada’s Senate has seen better days; scandal has rocked the “Red Chamber” to its core, and Canadians are left wondering whether the design of our federal government is fundamentally flawed.
Prime Minister Hephen Starper has requested input from all parties on this issue be communicated immediately.
Image from http://i.huffpost.com/gen/893083/thumbs/o-CANADIAN-SENATE-facebook.jpg 
In the video below, it outlines our proposal on how to fix this issue.

The strategies we created to solve the issue of the Canadian Senate directly reflects the values of our party and constituents. Creating an equal and fair government will in turn help create a successful and proactive nation. We believe in a non-corrupt government that will appropriately address the issues our party and constituents are continuing to face. Our suggestions for improving the senate will prevent further scandals allow the citizens. We need to stop having scandal distractions, decrease them and focus on improving our country.

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